Seamless's Guide to Necklines

The neckline of a gown is crucial to the overall fit and style of the dress. Unfortunately it is often overlooked leaving many with a dress they are unsatisfied with. This guide is here to help you better understand the different necklines available so you can make informed style decisions.


This wide, slightly curved neckline sits high up on the chest just brushing the collar bones and grazing the shoulder. It can be a good choice for someone looking for something modest but dainty.


Cowl necks are created to drape in a low unstructured manner.

They cannot be made into any other neckline.


This neckline features straps which wrap around and connect at the back of the neck, emphasizing the shoulders. Its perfect if you have narrow shoulders you wish to make appear broader or broad shoulders you wish to show off.
They can be tight around the neck and gap /wrinkle at the bust if they do not fit properly.


Illusion necklines combine fashionable low or strapless necklines with the practicality and modesty of a high neckline. This is accomplished by adding a second higher neckline made out of sheer fabric. 

Off the Shoulder

This neckline is very similar to the boat neckline. It sits low on the chest and rests below the shoulders. This neckline accentuates your neck, shoulders and décolletage. 


Off the shoulder dresses often feel like they’re falling down. This may be remedied with double sided fashion tape or the addition of straps. It is often difficult or even impossible to turn them into an “on the shoulder” style.

One Shoulder

This neckline is defined by a single shoulder strap leaving much of the chest and one shoulder exposed. 


This daring neckline has the classic ‘V’ neck shape but it ends much lower, anywhere from mid chest to navel.

It can occasionally be closed a few inches. Alternatively you can have a panel added for modesty if needed. It is best to consider other options before committing to a dress with this neckline if showing cleavage is a concern.

Scoop Neck

This style is characterized by a ‘U’ shaped curve starting from the shoulders. The depth of this neckline can vary greatly.


This neckline is characterized by the straps and top of the bodice creating two right angles like a square. This exceptionally flattering neckline elongates the neck and shows off the collar bones and décolletage.
However the straps may sit too far out causing them to fall down, sometimes this can be remedied by using double-sided fashion tape.


The rounded top of this romantic neckline resembles the top half of a heart. Sweetheart necklines accentuate the bust and are a classic choice for formal gowns.

V Neck

This neckline is formed by two diagonal lines meeting at the chest creating a ‘V’ shape. This neckline draws the eyes downward and can accentuate the bust.

Wide Set Straps

 Similar to off-the-shoulder dresses, gowns with wide-set straps often leave the wearer constantly fixing uncomfortable and pulling up their straps. These also cannot be made into regularly set straps meaning you will need to be ok with their placement. However, this style may be good for women with wide shoulders.