Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How much will my alterations cost?

A: It depends, our prices reflect the amount of time, labor, and materials required to complete any given alterations. A ballgown and a pair of jeans require different amounts of time and labor and are priced accordingly. We will give you a quote at the end of your appointment that you pay at your final appointment. The only exception is for brides or other big projects that require a deposit at the first fitting.



Q: Where are you located? What are your hours? Are you open on 'X' Holiday?

A: Location and hour information can be found on our ‘contact’ page. We post our holiday and emergency closing hours on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Links to those can also be found on our ‘Contact’ page.

Q: Can you alter my drapes/sheets/upholstery?

A: We do not alter any of these items during our busy season (February 1st-November 1st) and would highly recommend you seek out someone who specializes in altering drapery, linens, or upholstery.

Q:Can you replace a zipper on my jacket/bag?

A: We do not replace jacket or bag zippers from February 1st to November 1st.

Q: What should I bring to my appointment?

A: Your garment, the shoes you plan on wearing (or shoes of the same height), and, if applicable, any shapewear or special undergarments you plan on wearing with it.

Q: What should I expect at my appointment?

A: You will be greeted by either our client care specialist or our hypoallergenic shop dog, Thunder. You will then be directed to the dressing rooms to change. Once you have changed into the garment that needs to be altered we will have you step onto the stage so we can begin pinning. Once everything has been pinned to your liking we will check you out and book your next appointment.

Q: Why are you only open 4 days a week

A: The answer is simple: during our regular open days, we have an average of 20-25 appointments in 8 hours. Unfortunately, there is not much time to sew and prepare the items for their due date. So the 3 days we are closed, my seamstresses and I sew, and prepare the clothes for pick up.