Seamless's Guide To Fabrics

Fabric affects every part of your dress. From the look and feel to the cost of alterations. Making sure your dress has the right fabric will help you get the look of your dreams.

Beaded Fabric

Beaded fabric is an amazing choice for adding a little sparkle or visual interest to an otherwise simple dress. It is also an amazing addition to over the top  gowns where the beads can be spread out evenly across the dress or made into intricate patterns.

This fabric is very hazardous to sew, and beads are prone to falling off. As a result it can be expensive to alter.

It is also prone to catching on other fabrics and can be scratchy against the skin.


This soft lightweight fabric create beautiful dresses full of movement. It’s perfect when you’re looking for something flowy and feminine.

This fabric is prone to wrinkling.

Glittery Fabric

This stunning fabric doesn’t just shimmer shines. Glitter dresses are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why with so many colors, its a fun new way to stand out in a crowd. 

While it is fun to look at, it’s often itchy, prone to leaving glitter on everything and everyone.


Horsehair Binding is a woven plastic mesh that is often used in the bottom of dresses and skirts to provide shape and structure.

However it is often overused and can be expensive to remove and replace. Discuss with your seamstress if it is necessary for the shape of your gown


This beautiful fabric can be in the form of an appliqué or can be used for the full body.  Because of the intricate nature of lace it can be time consuming to alter and may be more expensive.

Non-Stretch Satin

This shiny fabric is a staple for a reason. It provides shape and structure to A-line gowns and creates a smooth silhouette in body hugging styles. Tight satin dresses can end up pulling, shifting and being restrictive . Satin is perfect for anyone who wants an elegant A-line or a sleek figure hugging dress 


For those who wants a subtle shimmer. Less scratchy than sequins and more secure than beads rhinestones are a great middle ground. This fabric is still expensive to alter since it is very time consuming and difficult to remove the stones prior to sewing.


For anyone who wants to shimmer and shine like a disco ball. This fabric is very hazardous to sew and will be expensive to alter as a result. It is also prone to catching on other fabrics and can be scratchy against the skin.

Stretch Fabrics

This figure hugging fabric provides a skin tight look without restricting your movement. However this means it will cling to every bump and dip including your belly button and some “no show underwear. ” Perfect for people who wants to eat, dance and show off their curves.


This soft and warm fabric is a great choice for the anyone who wants something simple and luxurious. It is important that velvet dresses are the right size since the fabric will show marks from taking the dress out.