Dress Codes

Dress codes, love them or hate them they are a crucial part of attending events like weddings, dances, or balls. Despite being so necessary they are often confusing or unclear. 

We hope this guide can help make the process of choosing what you want to wear simple and fun so you can focus on the most important part, feeling beautiful and  true to you 

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Black Tie

Black Tie is the most formal dress code most people will encounter regularly. This dress code is applied to formal events occurring after 6 pm and calls for elevated eveningwear.
What does this mean for you? If you have a more masculine style, a tuxedo with a black bow tie (or necktie if permitted), a black vest or cummerbund, and patent leather shoes are expected. However, some summer events allow the black tuxedo jacket to be swapped for a white dinner jacket. When in doubt check with the host.
If your style leans more feminine a formal floor-length gown or a sophisticated pantsuit, with elegant jewelry like a set of pearls or coordinating gemstone earrings is also expected. High heels 4″ or lower and elegant flats are appropriate shoes for black tie events.


Dark colors like navy burgundy and emerald green are perfect for black-tie events. Black can also be a good choice for these events, however, some people feel it is inappropriate for weddings. As for white it should go without saying that white and all its sister colors are off-limits for weddings unless you are explicitly told by the bride to wear it. This means no cream no ivory no champagne no light silver no powder pink. It is also a good idea to learn what color the bridal party will be wearing so you can avoid any confusion. Once again when in doubt ask the host.

Formal & Black Tie Optional

Formal sometimes called black tie optional is a dress code that indicates that the rules are slightly less rigid than black tie but a high level of formality is still expected. What does this mean for you? Well if you wear suits you have the option of a dark suit with nice dress shoes and a simple tie or, a tuxedo. If dresses and jumpsuits are more your style you can choose between a cocktail dress, a formal jumpsuit, or a floor-length gown. When searching for a cocktail dress remember that they are meant to hit the middle of the calf or at the ankle. Some stores will advertise their mini dresses as “cocktail dresses” these aren’t true cocktail dresses and are not appropriate for black tie optional events. Color choices remain the same for formal events as black tie events.



This dress code is best summed up as classy but comfortable. A classic suit and tie with dress shoes are acceptable as is a simple dress or jumpsuit. Dresses should be tea, knee, or midi length and in a classic style. All attire should be in simple and subdued colors unless otherwise stated.



Day Wedding

This dress code is the first that will be for an event happening before 5 pm. This means lighter brighter colors are not only appropriate but encouraged! Suits in blue or charcoal are the norm. Dresses, and jumpsuits in yellows, blues, and delicate floral prints are popular 

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are often hot and humid and the dress code reflects this. Linen or light cotton suits and dresses paired with dressy sandals or wedges are the norm at these events. Guayabera shirts are also a popular choice. Dressy but simple accessories like hoop earrings, large sunglasses, and if it’s particularly sunny a classic sunhat help tie the whole look together. If you’re unsure if you’re underdressed or not reach out to other guests to see what they are wearing, when in doubt air on the side of being overdressed. Also while lighter colors may be appropriate the rules around wearing white and similar colors are still in effect.

Semi Formal

Semi Formal is often associated with school dances but this grown-up dress code calls for something a little nicer than a cute sundress and converse. Floor-length gowns and tuxedos are far too formal for this more relaxed style instead opt for a dress shirt and slacks or a below-the-knee dress with a comfortable but dressy pair of shoes like wedges. You can also opt instead to wear a nice blouse with either a knee-length skirt or nice slacks. Color is dependent on the time of the event. Light colors for morning and afternoon events and dark colors for anything after 5 pm.

Casual Wedding

When you receive a “casual dress” wedding invitation resist the urge to wear your favorite pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt. Chances are the hosts are picturing a happier version of what you would wear to the office. A blazer, khakis, and a button-down are one option. Another option is a sundress or jumpsuit and heels.


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Please Note Seamless is not in any way affiliated with JJ’s House.  

The following items are for educational purposes only. Please conduct your own research before purchasing garments from any company online or in person.